Origin of CAP

Origin of CAP…

I have been working in child development in Shropshire for 14 years now, it has been truly humbling to see the positive effect a role model can have on children and young adults when providing the right environment and tools for them to progress.

When surrounded by a lack of aspiration and opportunity at a young age I was fortunate to have support and guidance in my home and with a persistent attitude I was unexpectedly presented with open doors, that only I was able to walk through. Knowing so many that would not have these opportunities and potentially fall foul of their environment, once more an opportunity arose that would see the birth of CAP which has subsequently been instilling life skills, raising attendance and attainment and providing a bespoke education that ultimately has seen some amazing success stories in our first 3 years.

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These life experiences have been joyous but sometimes painstaking, requiring huge amounts of resilience, none more so than when I lost my best friend to Mental Health issues 10 years ago. His life and legacy have been another part of the inspiration behind CAP and I know we will be able to honour him and his family’s name by addressing these key issues at CAP and 1NSP1RE.

School was relatively successful for me because of the mentors and opportunities I was lucky enough to encounter, having realised my dream of becoming a professional footballer and having gone through higher education.

With our brilliant team, I hope we can be privileged enough to keep working with children from all backgrounds to provide an environment that offers boundaries and rewards whilst appealing to students’ passions.

Stuart’s Stable is inspired by Stuart James Matthews whose memory will live on through his parents, family and countless friends of whom were lucky to be in his presence. LIVE FOREVER!


“In conjunction with my schools, I have referred several students for placements at CAP. I find the team to be enthusiastic, professional, approachable and accommodating. Most importantly, they have the best interests of the student at the centre of what they do. The package they offer is bespoke to the student and contains a mix of education and life skills activities. This is valuable for the students who need to be supported with their self-confidence, behaviour, emotional health and self-esteem. I look forward to a continued working relationship with the CAP team, to find the best solutions for our students who need something a bit ‘different’ to help them achieve as much as possible from their time in education.”

Nikki Morrison
Education Welfare Officer, Telford

“Crossbar Alternative Provision (CAP) has proven invaluable to our school and our students throughout this academic year. The dedicated staff have a highly professional, friendly and flexible approach to their work and genuinely take the time and effort to get to know each individual in order to plan a bespoke package
around their individual and specific needs, interests and aspirations. They understand that all children are different and do not try to apply a one size fits all approach which is highly appropriate and extremely refreshing. From experience, one of the major strengths of CAP is their mentoring of individuals using
carefully selected activities as a vehicle to achieve this. Also key is their open and constant communication both with us as a school and with parents/carers. We look forward to working with CAP again next academic year and beyond.”

Mark Hignett
Deputy Headteacher, Hadley Learning Community, Telford

“We have referred a few of our more challenging students to CAP over the past two years and they have really enjoyed attending. The fact that it is a quieter environment with not as many students, helps with their confidence and behaviour. They have respect for the staff and this is due to the relationships they can build up having 1:1 support. The staff are very knowledgeable, patient and supportive with our pupils and the feedback from our students has been very positive. Myself and another colleague have been to visit CAP and we were impressed with how calm the environment was; also the fact the students have their own unique timetable that compliments their issues and allows them to be part of other activities, not just theory lessons. This not only gives them exercise but time to let off steam and be calmer when they go back in the classroom to study.”

Claire Berry
Senior Pastoral Manager, Charlton School, Telford.

“CAP helped me a lot as they gave me a second chance at education after I got kicked out of my previous school. The staff were welcoming and made me feel like I could fit in. They understand not all pupils are the same and each person needs different attention/help. Even when the new members of staff came in they still made me feel like I could have someone to speak to or have a laugh with. Also they prepared me well and gave me confidence when I moved full time to my next school. I will always have the utmost respect for the CAP staff and forever be grateful for the help I have received.”

Josh Dutton
Former CAP Pupil.

We are a service that is supporting young people in Telford from ages of 12-19 years old. We work with all young people who are ready to make changes around substance misuse. This can be around education and understanding of substances and the risks involved – to managing a reduction plan and support around
relapse prevention. Telford Stars and CAP have worked closely in supporting young people, offering psychosocial interventions. Referrals are confidential and can be self-referral or from professionals. CAP and Telford Stars try and put the interest of the young people first and if the young person does not want to speak to us, we support the staff at CAP with information and skills that would be best to support the young person. This could be either around substances or where best to sign post to appropriate services. We are young person friendly and understand why people take substances.

Lisa Read-Arnold
Young Persons Worker.

We have found Crossbar flexible and responsive to the needs of our young people. They have worked very hard to establish relationships to engage young people in the varied offer from the Crossbar team.

Rosemary Hooper
Head of Shropshire Virtual School for Looked After Children.

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