Effective 1 to 1 alternative education for both Primary and Secondary pupils with higher needs who struggle to engage, learn and achieve. The bespoke programme is tailor made for every individual, focusing on their hobbies and interests to help encourage positive engagement. Our aim is to support schools with a hybrid timetable or look to reintegrate pupils into mainstream education full time which we continue to do in impressive numbers.

  • 1:1 Education Mentoring Programme.

  • 1:2 Education Mentoring Programme.

  • 1:3 Education Mentoring Programme.

  • 1:1 Pastoral Support.

  • Short, medium & long term support options.

  • Education solutions for students with an EHCP.

  • Opportunity to gain 14-16 qualifications through NCFE accreditaion.
  • Opportunity to gain Post16 qualifications through NCFE accreditation.
  • Following the National Curriculum to support GCSE learning.

  • Opportunity to gain qualifications through The Prince’s.

  • Trust Achieve Programme.

  • Facility Stuart’s Stable for outdoor education and mindfulness.

  • Planning in line with our curriculum as well as each learners daily logistics.
  • Daily reports with in-depth detail of each learner’s experience and achievements.

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Bespoke Education Study Program for 16-25 year olds

The 1NSP1RE+ Programme is an SEN Post 16, 16-25 year olds, version of 1NSP1RE that has all of the existing components of the program with advancements at education and vocational level. The education element taking place at our three education facilities across Shropshire including Pimley Barns (Shrewsbury), Lilleshall National Sports Centre (Newport) and our rural outdoor education setting Stuarts Stable (Broseley). Our aim is to support learners with a hybrid timetable or look to reintegrate them in mainstream college, HE or employment which we continue to do in impressive numbers.

Our enriched, vocational education programme is tailored by our education lead to each individual learner, allowing them to learn, develop and grow. With our bespoke curriculum and teaching methods, students are given the opportunity to strive within a positive learning environment allowing them to build the confidence for when taking their next step in life, whether that be into further education, an apprenticeship or employment.

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At CAP or Education Mentors are fully equipped to offer 1:1 mentoring support focusing on Social, Mental and Emotional Health alongside each students education programme. The offer of enrichment, physical and outdoor activities allows key life skills to be enhanced during each students time with us at CAP.

What’s on offer?

NCFE Occupational Studies Qualification (from entry-level up to Level 2)

Options include:

  • Land Based

  • Construction and Engineering

  • Motor Vehicle

  • Hospitality and Catering

  • Design Media and Technology

  • Office and Business

  • Retail and Service Enterprise

  • Sport, Leisure and Tourism

  • Hairdressing and Beauty

  • Employability and Social Development

  • Vocational activities with our community partners

NCFE Functional Skills in English and Maths (from entry-level up to Level 2)

Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme

  • Preparing for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Community Project

  • Managing Money

  • Breaking Habits

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Personal Project

  • STEM Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Experiencing the World of Work

  • Digital Skills

Work Experience

Based on each learners chosen units for their NCFE Occupational Studies Qualification, CAP engage with local businesses within the community in order to offer work experience placements as part of their timetable.


In order to ensure our Inspire+ students have the best possible opportunity to engage, thrive and succeed here at CAP we are able to offer transport as part of the programme for any students who may be unable to access transport of their own, via our fully insured cars, minibuses and vans.

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    At CAP we have worked hard to establish working partnerships with local organisations within our community to offer a variety of work experience, educational & enrichment opportunities to our students.